The Adventures of Ren LaForme and the Great 28 (and some from the Grand 27)

Last year, I wrote about how my friends Tara and Hannah started a tradition of exchanging challenges for their birthdays. They gave me 27 challenges for my 27th birthday... and I totally failed to meet them all. 

Seriously, I didn't even complete half of them. I am the worst.

So, this year, I'm planning to finish my 27th birthday challenges and the new ones for my 28th! It's ambitious, but I know I can do it all. Here we go.

  1. Play a team sport.
  2. Take the Florida train somewhere (one more chance).
  3. Fail big. Then rebound.
  4. Walk through an orange grove.
  5. Conquer a fear.
  6. Decidedly determine one good thing about every person you meet this year.
  7. See one personal project through to the end.
  8. Pick a fruit or vegetable. Eat it every week.
  9. Do a photoshoot or video with one of the dogs.
  10. Go fishin'.
  11. Marry a girl named Keeley.
  12. Forgive a grudge.
  13. Improve your baseball swing.
  14. Leave a permanent, physical mark in 3 places on Earth.
  15. Say yes to things you might normally say no to. So no to things you might normally say yes to.
  16. Color a picture and mail it to someone with no notice.
  17. Do something you can't experience any other time or place.
  18. Do two outdoor activities a week. (Drinking outside at a bar doesn't count.)
  19. Mic drop.
  20. Pick a place to travel and go.
  21. Write something satirical. 
  22. Read five new authors.
  23. Make a toast.
  24. Identify five people who serve as sources of inspiration for you.
  25. Run a 5K.
  26. Visit a new place and leave technology at home. Enjoy.
  27. For every drink you buy, match 50% of the cost and put it in savings. See how much you have at 29.
  28. Take a selfie with a wild animal.

Here's what's left from last year:

  1. Attend a performance of the Florida Orchestra.
  2. See a Broadway show in Tampa.
  3. Perform five acts of kindness toward strangers.
  4. Read three new books. (It was 20. I read 17.)
  5. Make a video with Ming and Finn.
  6. Eat an entire meal you caught/created yourself.
  7. Drink at three new-to-you bars with historical significance. (It was five. I went to two.)
  8. Take pictures with two famous people you meet. (It was three. I met one. Sorta.)
  9. Talk with a different accent for one entire day.
  10. Choose your top five beers and host a tasting.
  11. Catch the sunrise and the sunset on the same day.
  12. Give Hannah an assist on her list.
  13. Take the Florida train somewhere.
  14. Picnic at a park in Tampa.

The Adventures of Ren LaForme and the Grand 27

My friends Tara and Hannah exchange the gift of a series of challenges every year on their birthdays. Last year, they let me in on the fun. 

In honor of my 27th birthday, here are 27 challenges I must complete before Oct. 4, 2015 (a year from the date they issued the challenge). Acts toward completion are listed under each one. Assistance is encouraged... I'm not doing well so far.

Ten Christmas song suggestions for the humbuggers, the non-believers, and the over-it-alls

I'm an unabashed Christmas music lover, but I understand that "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" might seem a bit grey in the hair after 65 years of play. 

That "O Holy Night" might be a bit much for the atheist in your life. 

That "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" is annoying on the first listen, let alone the 1,000th. 

For all of the sick-and-tired, here are a few Christmas-ish songs that might suit your holiday a bit better. From me to you. (Check out the Spotify playlist below to listen right from your browser.)